Issue with nodejs and Alexa TTS

I know that I have read about different issues with retrieving the cookies with the JS updater, but this seems like it should be working.

Got nodejs installed and working.
Got the AlexaCookie.js installed with no errors.
Going to the ipaddress:81 brings up the interface to login to amazon.
That fails and I have to go to ipaddress:82 and it succeeds.
Closed 82 and 81 was populated with the cookie and “ipaddress:81/refreshCookie” for the URL.
Pasted the cookie into hubitat with the following “:”, and updated the NodeJS service URL.
If I click on the next button I get the error “Please check your cookie”. If I check the box to “force refresh now” I get “Cookie options empty”.
And yes I did a restart on the AlexaCookie.js before forcing the update.

I have checked the ~/.pm2/logs/AlexaCookie-error.log and it is empty.

The whole reason I set up the nodejs server was because I was having trouble copying the cookie from within Firefox. I thought I was doing something wrong manually copying the cookie, but even copying the cookie from within the AlexaCookie.js it isn’t working.

Anyone have any ideas?


on the :81 screen, you're given a refresh URL and a refresh option. you have to copy both into the Alexa TTS app

Dam do i feel stupid! After adding that in the cookie refreshed just like it should.
Thanks for the help.