Issue with Lock Code Manager after hub migration

I've been at this for over 6 hours. I Migrated from C5 to C7. I rediscovered my 18 Zigbee devices one being my Iris V2 Keypad. I did make an error and did NOT uncheck Encryption. Its be so long ago, I can't remember how to reconnect my 4 digit code. Do I have to enter anything in the device page for the Iris V2 keypad? I removed then reinstalled Lock Code Manager. I clicked on ADD NEW USER, entered my name, put in numeric code, choose my Keypad, click on empty space below my chosen keypad and get MY Name and the Code I entered will be added to my habitat keypad. I then press ADD this lock code. Now I get Code add request completed and I press DONE. This brings me back to the main screen of Lock Code Manager and under Existing User has my name (Jobs-pending:1). That's where it stays. Am I suppose to go to my Keypad device screen now and add something to unpend this. Sorry guys but age has crept up and I can really use your help in getting this Iris Keypad V2 to function. Tony

try entering the lock code directly into the keypad driver UI, if that doesn't work, then the keypad didn't rediscover properly

Mike, I tried that - Set code position to 1, put in my pin, put in the name and still the same thing, just pending in Lock Code manager. I do have enable lock encryption to off.

The point is, did the code add at the keypad driver?
Also make sure that the keypad responds to driver commands.

Under current states on the right has correct last code name, code changed lists "changed", the lock codes appear which are now encrypted. The keypad will arm correctly but the keypad will not disarm. I have to go into device ui and disarm. The logs state "WARNING" Unable to decrypt lock code from device:Tony's Hubitat Keypad. Also when I click on the warning in the log , I get ERROR 500 contact support .Should I remove the keypad and rediscover it? At 70 I'm really trying!

Right, ok so you need to delete all codes from the driver ui, then disable encryption, add all the codes back in, them enable encryption (or not) and you should be good to go

Or if you remove (delete) and rediscover the keypad, that would be a better way of clearing the old codes

By "Right" you mean remove the keypad, disable encryption then rediscover the keypad? Are the codes to be entered in the Device UI or the Device Manager

After removing then discovering the keypad, you shouldnt have any issue adding them via LCM or the driver ui.

OK will give it a try! Can't thank you enough for your patience.

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Ha, you're the one being patient!

Worked GREAT MIKE! It even paired without an issue which usually isn't the case. I went into LCM and re-entered name and code and everything took this time. AGAIN, thank you. I've been hesitant to migrate to C7 which I've had for months, but thought "IT's TIME" lololo Stay well

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