Issue with Life360 Connector App

I'm trying to setup the Life360 Connector App. I've installed the Life360 Mobile App on my phone and created an account, circle and place. When I try to setup Life360 Connector App, I can log in, selected my circle, but my places will not list, so I am unable to complete the setup. I've carefully reviewed my steps and based on the instructions I've found, I can't discover where I might have gone wrong. Does this app have a known bug or am I missing something?

Do you only have one person in the circle? I remember having to do something regarding this to make it work, but can't remember if it has been fixed, it may have.

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Yes, it is only me on the account.

It's been a long time since I've setup. Places are not listed, nor editable in the Life device.

This may or may not help. I think I had the same issue you describe and used this to solve it, but I am sure I have setup the connector again since without needing to do this....

@sburke781 THanks ... this fixed it for me. Yes you need a second person added to Life360 to get "Places" to show up when setting up the Life360 Connector app in Hubitat.

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