Issue with Google Chrome not finding my Hubs

Is anyone else having a problem where you can't Find My Hubs through the Portal when using Google Chrome? I can access them using Safari but this is a recent issue with Chrome. Any leads would be helpful. I believe this is a setting in Chrome but not sure where to look. Thanks for any help.

Yes, this is a known issue that the Hubitat team is aware of. Tagging @bobbyD to see if he has anything to add.

MS Edge (chromium) works fine still. As does Safari on iOS.

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Thanks for letting me know and glad I asked.

Can you find the IP address through your router--and then go there directly, e.g.:


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No issues here, I set my new C7 about a week ago but this is on Windows not Mac.

This was queried by someone a week ago and as I'd never had any issues in the past gave it a try.
Sure enough it no longer works on Chrome. Firefox was fine.
Something has changed with Chrome.


Have you tried accessing it in Incognito mode? I've noticed that Chrome seems to work better in that mode for a lot of sites that I use...

Yes, no difference. Chrome changed something.

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