Issue with -- Zigbee mesh is impaired; zigbee devices not operating / logging properly


I had an extremely reliable Zigbee mesh that now seems to be much less reliable since the update. Zigbee logs did not seem to be capturing device activity accurately (far more sensors getting triggered than were logged). Outdoor lights (have 20 zigbee candelabra lights in five fixtures) are not responding to hub commands consistently either.

Prior to update, this did not happen -- so I suspect this is tied to the update. @bravenel -- have you or the team seen zigbee issues with these updates?

Could you please revert to version 2.3.2 to confirm that the problems you are experiencing with latest update, are no longer present?

In order to revert to previous platform version, please go to the Diagnostic Tool and select "Restore Previous Version".

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Thanks. Reverting did the trick. I needed to re-pair some of my devices, but they are now working (they did not work after re-pairing when I was using 2.3.3).

Seems like this is a 2.3.3 issue.

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