Issue using Local Variables within a Txt Variable

I have created a 5.1 Rule in Rule Machine to control a Pond pump which I have previously discussed in

I wanted to add a notification of the external temp when the rule was triggered so I could tell if the Rule was delayed, due to low temps. However, I can't get the Temp to display correctly in the message - it displays as null.

I normally use a Sub Routine rule to output notifications to my phone, so that standard formatting is in one place but to double test, I have also added a direction Send message command - neither of which are working.

Steps I've taken:

I've created a local variable to store the external temp:

This is correctly storing the external temp value (13.3).

Then I've added actions to output this variable as a notification to my phone:

As you can see, the Send Message and Set Variable actions are outputting null rather than the local variable value. Is this a known issue or am I doing something stupid! :thinking:

I found a reported bug in a post back in 2021 that could explain this but a fix was issued.

Please ignore this post, it was me being stupid! The Local variable had a space between External and the underscore. :upside_down_face:

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I came here to remark on the space / no-space discrepancy. :wink:
Glad you caught it. We all do things like that. Every. Day. LOL

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