Issue: Update - Hub Time not in sync?

Hi Everyone,
I think l have discovered a bug in the recent update surrounding the hub time

When l go 'Settings', 'Hub Detail' it displays the correct time as per attached the picture


When l go ' Settings', 'Diagnostic Tool', 'Set Hub Date and Time' l receive the wrong time as pictured. Pressing 'Refresh' and 'Update' time has no effect.

I noticed that my Modes have not been triggering per the allocated times.

I would be most grateful if someone can advise the correct way to have these times synchronized e.g. Time being displayed within the 'Hub Detail' to match the time being displayed in the 'Set Hub Date and Time'

Thanks in advance
Correct time
Wrong Time

Actually both times may be correct as one is in AEST the other GMT which is about a 10 hour offset.

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Ok, l understand - This is a little misleading though as it's reporting 'time on hub' Vs "Current Hub Time". I think the description needs to be made a little more clear

I just checked my 2 hubs and the one on .136 was running 4 minutes slow. :man_shrugging:

The one on was perfect

Normally the time zones are the same so there is something not quite right, but it’s more of a display problem.

I also have an issue with Mode switching 7 hours earlier. I think this is more than a display issue. Started with 2.28.

Current time on hub (via diagnostic tool) is also GMT, and that is when Mode set by a specific time (rather than “sunrise, sundown, etc) are triggering - NOT the time set on the hub.

If you go to settings Location and Modes, is the time zone correct there?

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Yes. I have also tried the Pacific-New time zone, as well (no idea why there are 2 Pacific Time Zones listed).

This is fixed for me in 2.2.8