Issue in RM Rule(Solved)


I have aa RM rule that used to work and now fails with an error...

Here's the rule

Here's the log

Hub is on - but this problem has been there for a month or so, only getting around to it now.

Anyone any ideas?

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G'day Simon,

It may be worth opening the Rule and clicking Done, just to make sure the rule is being saved with the latest firmware applied. If that does not fix it, then certainly one to pass over to the boffins at HE central.... I think.

I cloned the rule, deleted the old one and renamed the clone - thinking that a fresh install of the rule would help - no joy.

@bravenel any ideas Bruce?

I would suggest removing the action 'Wait for event: TB Gate Moving...' and then create that action again in the same place. That may fix it. Let me know...


That worked - many thanks Bruce.

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