Issue adding device to the Amazon Echo Skill

I have a C7 hub running I've recently added a couple of devices that I want to be able to control via Alexa. I went into the Amazon Echo Skill app and clicked on Select Devices. From the list I added the check to the new devices. I then clicked the Done button and see the "working" dotted circle start to spin around in the upper right corner. (Which, IMHO should really be by the Done button or in the middle of the screen as the user isn't looking there and can be easily missed). However, the "working" circle never stops spinning. (I've waited several minutes several times with some several devices I've recently added). That said, if I just go back to Apps and then come into the Amazon Echo Skill again, the device is there and seems to work just fine. But clearly something is wrong as the "working" circle never stops spinning.

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Yes, this behaviour has been around for a while. I'm surprised no one else has mentioned it, but then again, neither have I.

That's reassuring and disconcerting all at the same time.