ISO smart battery powered light/LED

Does anyone know of a small, smart, battery powered, LED warning light/flashing light, ideally with a reset button, to use for notifications and reminders (like replacing my RO water filters). I can't find anything like this available. I can see a lot of uses and can't imagine nobody has come up with one before.

I've never seen one. I assume because the light would make short battery life perhaps? I'm not sure. That said why not just have an HE notification to your phone that would tell you that you have to replace something and have it broadcast once or twice a day until you tell it to stop?

As Rick mentions, I don't think these exist because the battery life would be pretty atrocious.

Hue makes the Go lamp and I think they now have a new battery light that looks more like a table lamp, but the intent with those is to have them plugged in most of the time and use them on battery for only short periods.

Yeah I have a couple of go's and they're great for patio nights

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I was thinking about a tiny LED like those that are on contact sensors. Something I could stick next to the device I'm reminding about. If it flashed once a second until reset, and only went off on an interval of months, I'd think battery life would not be problematic.

Yeah I still can't think of anything beyond notifications to phone.

Have you considered using an Inovelli switch -- the Blue series and upcoming new Red series offer very slick & highly customizable LED-bar notifications.

It works really well and has proven to be a big hit in our household.

Agreed. That is a good use of that function, and then you don't need to worry about battery or another seperate device.

If the new red 800s work correctly in zwave lr mode I may just wholesale replace all of my switches and dimmers for those (well, except vent fans I guess as I don't think you can use them on vent fans - even small bathroom ones). If they can supply the stock that is @Eric_Inovelli ... :wink:

I have one on pre-order to test. Would need ~40 of them if I did all non-vent switches/dimmers.

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