Island Surcharge

Hi All, After reading the specs, the community feedback etc, I'm really wanting to upgrade my home to Hubitat Elevation. There is one question I have (for the @Hubitat commercial/marketing folks).

Why do you seem to have a 40% "Island fee" for those of us living in Australia (or New Zealand)? Pricing is USD99 for US/Canada but USD$140 for Aus/NZ (UK is also an island and priced higher)!

Do we bombard your support guys with more cases than the North American customers? What if I promise not to? :wink:

In a lot of cases, the Oz crew (and UK, Ireland, etc) are definitely paying higher rates. But that tends to be for all tech, not just the HA stuff. For HA some of it comes down to the limited market for the different frequencies (eg. ZWave) but in other cases it’s their local/country taxes and duties kicking in...

Here’s the link to Hubitats pricing page, across supported countries, all expressed in USD:

A yr ago, I had to import a SSD mounting kit (for an iMac) into Ireland whilst I was staying at my in-laws house. The import duty was substatial (~40%) made me wish I’d brought it with me.

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I don't know why Australia is higher than the UK, but the reason both are higher than the US is that they need a separate USB stick (more hardware) to work with Z-Wave in those countries. The Zigbee stick also supports US Z-Wave ftewuqncies, so they only need one; most other regions need an additional stick for the correct Z-Wave frequency. (The new C5 model for the US now has internal radios, but it's also a US Z-Wave radio and the C4 is the model for other markets. Maybe some day they'll have one specifically for Australia and other countries with no need for the extra hardware and cost, but no word on that yet to my knowledge.)