Is your Hubitat automation using Picos and Caséta actuators too slow?

what if i just ran two main repeaters as independent systems - one for handling picos via hubitat and the other for native communication.

So: Pico on RA2S A-> Hubitat -> Dimmer on RA2S B

would this get around the issue even if you can’t change the frequency ? Or would you end up with too much interference…

That has been tried unsuccessfully with two Caseta SmartBridge Pro’s in the past. The delay is caused by the Pico remote transmitting for about a full second, hogging the Lutron Clear Connect RF frequency.

Thus, a RadioRA 2 Main Repeater is required as it allows its frequency to be changed. But one has to take and pass a free online training class in order to be able to configure a RadioRA 2 Main Repeater.


it won't, the issue will exist when any two lutron bridge products (ra2, ra2 select or caseta) are operating on the same frequency.

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For UK based folks: You need to create a Lutron Account and choose US when creating this, you can then access the RadioRA2 L1 training.

The solution proposed (changing frequency) works. I was able to pick up a RadioRa2 European Main Repeater for 50GBP from ebay for picos and have my dimmers running on my main RA2 Select system.


You need a MyLutron account and then go to the training site called 'LCI online'. My guess is that you'll need to choose USA training as RadioRA 2 is not a UK/European product. Search for 'LP 620 - RadioRA 2 Level 1 Online Training'.