Is this normal?

I keep getting the debug message in the logs

What is dev:225?

All the built in drivers auto shutoff debug logging after 30 minutes, that debug message doesn't look like our standard debug logging, so you would have to ask the driver author if its not one of ours...

It’s just a repeater device as ‘device’ in the drivers

The repeater is a zigbee Ikea tradfri repeater which is using ‘device’ as type so I don’t think I’m selecting a driver

interesting, well it's not going to cause any issues.
I just received several of these, I'll see about getting a driver for them into platform 2.1.3...

Is there a reset procedure for them?, I literally just got the box open...

I guess I can reset it with the reset pin. I wonder why it’s only that one as I have 2 of them and the other hasn’t displayed any debugs

I have 4 of them in service and have never seen any messages logged from them. Weird.

To reset, hold the reset button for 5 seconds.

Repeaters?, not finding any buttons on them...

No button. There's a pinhole on the bottom that you push a paper-clip in for 5 seconds.


I’ve reset and no debug message just yet. Is having the type as ‘device’ correct or should the repeater be something specific?

All of mine are type device. There is no function from the he side, so they shouldn't need a driver.

Do you recall I sent you the fingerprint, There wasn't anything in it. What kind of driver can you write for a device that doesn't have any features?

I'm back from vacation, so thought I would check my repeaters. I was wrong, I DO actually get a message on occasion @mike.maxwell . Like this:
dev:32019-07-13 08:48:38.997 pm debugIkea Repeater Computer Room, parse description: catchall: 0000 8032 00 00 0040 00 FB3E 00 00 0000 00 00 00000A0109000003000000000300000000030000000003000000000300000000030000000003000000000300000000030000

Not a big deal to me, I just wanted to correct my previous comment that I did not see any messages.