Is this an ad for Home Assistant or Hubitat?

I have to state right up front, that as an individual who didn't know ANYTHING about SBC's a short time ago, I've learnt a lot from YouTube. I've watched all of Barnat's "Understanding Computers", and I've marvelled at what I saw of Jeff Geerling. He's very technically savvy, and as stated previously I've learnt a lot from him.

So, in a recent episode (link below), he tried to put together a customized rpi (customized by the HA people), to do a simple motion detection app, in Home Assistant.
There couldn't be a better advertisement for Hubitat.
I'm not normally the type of individual who knocks the alternatives, but it was very obvious from the get-go that Jeff (a very proficient, technically savvy individual) was having a very hard time in getting simple Motion app to work.
He should have tried Hubitat!


Thanks for sharing! I do have some devices integrated into Hubitat via Home Assistant, although I don't use it for my automations.


New TLA for me. What's an SBC? Other than a session border controller, with which I am familiar.

Single Board Computer


Same here. It's like a freaking 1,000 clicks to install a bulb and a motion detector and hook them together in an automation.
I have my Xiaomi hubs ported to HE, to support the non-standard aqara devices

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I think about Home Assistant every now and then, and have ended up setting it up a couple times. The first time was super rough, a couple years back. Wasn't much of a GUI, and pretty much everything was done via YAML. Gave up after a few days of tinkering with it. Installing to a Pi was the easiest part, but I didn't get too much further than that.

I actually set it up again fairly recently, and it has definitely come a long way. Web interface is nice, adding devices is fairly easy as well. Still not sure if I am going to keep it around though. It just seems so much more tedious to do simple things in.

I thought about setting up all of my wifi devices that aren't compatible with Hubitat in HA. Though I'm still on the fence as to whether I want to spend the time trying to integrate them or not. For most of my non compatible wifi devices (roborock and roomba) I have had just fine luck using their alexa integration and using a virtual contact sensor in Hubitat to get the job done.

Maybe I have just been spoiled because Hubitat (and previously Smartthings) made it so much easier to get devices in, and automate them. Though I still feel HA has a long way to come.


Home Assistant is great for things not handled by HE. Arguably the dashboard is very nice. The learning curve is somewhat steep though as the above video demonstrated - and this is a very knowledgeable techie/programmer who is used to such things.

For the tinkerer/enthusiast I would say...



This was another reason I was considering HA, the dashboard. It seems with the Lovelace deployment their dashboards seem to function, and look, very good. I have rebuild my dashboards in Hubitat a few times now. I have something very functional, though I don't particularly love the look of it.

I am not much of a programmer, and I find some things in the HE dashboard tedious to get working properly. Some simple things just like getting icons and text to display properly in the template area, or having attribute text run into the template name at the top of the box when displayed on my phone. Maybe it's just something to do with the auto fit I prefer to use, or maybe it's just my lack of CSS capabilities (which are very low). Some things just end up fitting sort of awkwardly, but its not worth my time to try to get it looking perfect. One day maybe I'll get around to building up a dashboard in HA and see how it compares to the ones I have built in HE.

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Easy to spin up an instance and then use this to connect HE devices to HA.

If you want to go the other way connect HA devices to HE use this:

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