Is this a workaround when excluding/including device?

When I have a device that is used in many rules, and I go to exclude this device (with the instant of including it again after changing security mode), I receive a warning to remove this device from all the rules that refer to it. Instead of doing that, would it work to exclude/include, then edit the device to have the “old” ID?

Asking for a friend....

For Z-Wave, maybe. The DNI is the node ID. What I'm not sure of is how it would handle different security than what the "original" device was paired with. Otherwise this is basically how staff have mentioned you can "manually" migrate a Z-Wave network from one hub to the other given that the backup includes only the hub database device and not the Z-Wave radio contents.

I have done this (swap node ID & Zigbee ID) for a Zigbee device. I suspect it works for any devices, but this is just a guess. I never tested it.

Note - If you do this, could exclude the device with a separate hub, and after the switch, remove the old z-wave device from the z-wave screen. I have never tried adding the ID of a device that was removed, so not sure if the rules will work or not afterwards.

If you try it, please let us know if it works! :slight_smile:

Excellent! This is for Zwave devices.

Nah, did not work. Just gave me a chance to improve my Doorbell rule, and a few others. Oh well.

Yeah, I wasn't sure if it would for devices paired without security and then re-included with security, given that some of this is stored in "Device Details" that there is no way to transfer from the "new" entry. I suppose the "Replace" option in Settings > Z-Wave Details (C-7 only) would have also been something else to try--and I think should work with any security level, including none, for either the original or "new" device--if you can convince Hubitat that the original device is "gone" (one criterion for this button to appear in the first place; it's technically meant for replacing with a new device and not really the exact same device, but it should work either way).

But sounds like you did things manually--never a bad option, since you always know it will work. Glad you got it going again! :smiley:

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