Is this a bug or is it just me? Simple Automation Rules

I am using Simple Automation Rules to turn a dimmed bathroom light on via a motion sensor between Sunset and Sunrise. (or any chosen "Restriction") The rule requests the light turns off 3 minutes after the motion stops. (no pun intended)
This all works perfectly EXCEPT when the sensor is activated 1 or 2 minutes before Sunrise at which point the light is never turned off.
I assume the Simple Automation Rule completely stops working once outside the Restriction parameters but should this be the case or should it stop only once the current rule is completed?

I had the same problems and ended changing to using modes instead of sunrise and sunset and seemed to have better luck.

This is indeed the behavior: restrictions in Simple Automation Rules--and pretty much any built-in app that has a similar feature--are, well, simple. If they light turned on because the restriction was not in effect, then something that happened which cause the restriction to then be in effect, the light will not turn off--because the restriction is in effect. One solution, in general. is to create two separate Simple Automation Rules, one to handle the "on" portion of the automation and another to handle the "off" (with separate restrictions for each as desired).

However, in this specific case, you should also be able to use the more full-featured Motion Lighting app and keep it all in one app. Motion Lighting has lots of options, including lots of separate options you can use to effectively restrict either the "on" or "off" half of the automation. That would be my recommendation here. Good luck!


Thanks Welby

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Thanks for the clarification.