Is there no go back option when creating a new rule?


I have tried several times to create a rule and there doesn't seem to be a way to back out of a step and go back to the previous step without starting over again.

Maybe I am doing something wrong, can someone offer some advice to me?

I am trying to create a rule that when the garage door is opened that the interior lights turn on.



You have to select Done.
If you don't want the change you just made (device selection etc.) then you'll have to un-select that device.
If you want to undo all of your changes for the Rule just go back to the apps section.

I agree each section should have a cancel option to undo any changes made on each page.
But it works as is.


I agree that a "cancel" would be nice. I would also like to see the <<-App List link removed when inside an application. I ALWAYS accidentally click on this and you loose everything you were working on.


Yea that's buggered me a few times before too.


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Try the left arrow in the browser.