Is there life after Nest?


No actually, it's not an option. They are forcing everyone to migrate from the Nest app to the "google assistant". It's right there in black and white.

Nest is shutting down the Works with Nest API

I think you have hit the nail on the head.

I also think in view of the Smartthings breach, they don't want the reputation of Facebook of giving away your data to anyone and everyone.

I think Google is trying to be local and more secure than Smartthings and Alexa.


There is the competition from Samsung ST as well, you are quite right in mentioning.
In addition, I'd also like to state for the record that Google software can be quite good - they have some very bright engineers in a very engineering oriented company. Perhaps the controller that they come up with (at least 1-2 years from now), will be very good!


My speculation is that they will open up home automation more to the average homeowner.

My prediction is that they will have a rule type machine with natural language speaking.

Meaning you can just say:
Turn down the temperature to 68 degrees on the thermostat when there is no motion in the family room after 6:00 pm on weekdays

And the Google routine will do it without complex drop downs, layouts or programming.


YES IT IS......annnnnd YOU should READ IT!

"Longtime Nest customers might find the change the most daunting. Your Nest account won't be going away and you'll still be able to use the Nest app -- at least for now. Google hasn't announced any plans to get rid of either yet, but you'll be strongly encouraged to move from a Nest account to a Google account in the near future."


AT LEAST FOR NOW... aka, we're gonna force you later.

I can read, but thanks for the personal jab implying I can't.


You're eventually going to die "later" do you spend all day complaining about your eventual death?

You act as if the $100ish "You" spent on this companies products allows "you" to dictate their business model for ALL of their customers? Absurd!


No, you're the one who is being absurd thinking you should just drink their kool-aid. You can be a Google fanboy all you want, I don't have to and you don't have to take personal shots at me for not wanting to be.

Now go troll someone else.


If you continue buying/owning "their" products.....yes, yes you do HAVE TO...

This "fan boy" doesn't buy their products because "most people" in this market are well aware of cloud devices business models and Avoided buying them BECAUSE they were well aware days like this would be coming.


By saying that you CLEARLY are not reading what I'm typing. I REFUSE to buy their products. I bought all of my Nest devices when they were basically still part of Apple. I knew I should have ditched Nest when Google bought them. Now with this d**k move, the devices will be gone.


They were never "basically still part of Apple". Fadell and Rodgers had left Apple a long time before they founded Nest. And just because Nest products were sold in Apple Stores doesn't make them part of Apple, any more than Dell is part of Sam's Club because Dell notebooks are sold at Sam's Club.


They were only sold by Apple, and Apple employees, that's being part of Apple.


Yes........ just like my LG TV is a part of Best Buy........


No, because LG wasn't started by people who worked at Best Buy. If you're gonna troll at least use your brain.


Irrelevant, Harvard started Mark Zuckerburg's Facebook in his dorm room.......that doesn't magically make Harvard part of Facebook


What you didn't know that? Also, Samsung is part of Walmart - they're sold in Walmart stores by Walmart employees. So, of course, they're part of Walmart.


again comparing apples to oranges... Go troll someone else... Just because I'm not a Google Fanboy doesn't mean you get to attack me.


This is the silliest thing I've ready today. Thank you for making me laugh.


Hilarious! Thanks for the entertainment giggles


It's software not hardware and nothing to buy. You can even download it on an i-phone.