Is there any way to not have a trigger action?

this tigger action is really pulling my hair out. do you have to have one or can i just jump into the if/then?

I want our wash room (utility room really) to do this with hte lights as is main high traffic area.
1 motion
2 door contact (one door(1) leads into the garage and the other(door 2) into the kitchen

If Motion or Door1 or door2 open
then turn on light
after 10 minutes of no activy turn off light.

the reason is we keep our dogs in there after outside and if i close the door(s) i need the light to stay on.

so i dont know what to set as the trigger, becuase it could be a door or the motion on the first trigger depending on the entry point to the room and door2 is not always closed so only hte motion would pick up then

You'd want to set all of those things (motion sensor, door contact 1, and door contact 2) as what could trigger the activation of that rule.

Then in the rule you set up whatever conditions you want with if/then.

You have to set the trigger, because the rule needs to know what things to track for changes (i.e. motion sensed or a door opened) in order for it to start evaluating.

i have this but im stuck on the trigger

please dont laugh if this is 100% wrong lol

I think this will allow the light to turn off even if both the doors are open but no motion correct?

You're just missing the trigger event, which in this case it seems like would just need to be for a motion active trigger to occur.

Also from what I can tell you should be able to accomplish what you want from the Motion and Mode Lighting App. You can specify contact sensors in there to change how the automation works.

yes i know, I'm to learn/understand this better. the Wife keeps asking me to do stuff and on my old ST i found i needed webcore to do that and becuase i was looking at HE i didn't dive into it, now im trying ot get hte gold head first lol

can you trigger on more than one sensor? i cannot see how to do it.

Yeah, definitely! It's not super intuitive at first (like most of Rule Machine :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:), but you can just select multiple sensors as triggers. See my GIF as it's probably easier to explain then trying to put it into words:

ah thanks !!! video worth 100000000000000000000 words

now to test

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Personally I would make the rule as follows:

Cancel delayed actions
Turn on Wash room light
Turn off Wash room light (delayed 5 mins)

That's it.

The rule like you have it will fire when motion is active, or one of the doors are open. The light wil therefor not go off immediately when you close the doors and there is no motion.

Alternatively, you should change the triggers to Changed - then the rule will fire when motion goes inactive, or the doors are closed and the light will go off.

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yeah it not really working the "any" statement dont seem to work in the trigger or in the rules

so i pulle it out,

right now if i open the door it turns on the light but doe NOT turn it off if i close it. it skips it even though all conditons are true ?


Change this IF to an ELSE IF:


Remove these:

DUH im so dumb (tired) i had the second "term" as an "if" and not "else-if"
the lights turn off now

I think i still have to some work on the motion off (but reset if there is motion) side i can work on tomorrow :slight_smile: (the rule i redline above is NOT work on my kitchen lights :frowning: this still turn off)

lol i just notice it see my post above

Ill work on the motion tomorrow, have been searching for the RM way to keep reseting the off timer on motion? do you know of link to the rules to do this?

I don't use "Wait for condition" there in my rules.
I use Turn Off with a delay of 5 minutes.
With a "Cancel delay" in the first line of the rule.

You have two TRUE IF statements now. You should decide when you want the delay and when you want the light to go off immediately and then add some conditions to the IF statements, so that only one can be true at a time.

It never hurts to learn by doing, and rule machine can certainly accomplish this automation task for you. But I just wanted to share that there is a built-in app that can handle this type of logic for you.

Motion lighting takes a little getting used to with its configuration options, but it’s simpler to use than Rule Machine.

See the hub docs for more info:

Just saying, but if you know webcore, you can install it and use it. It runs locally on your hub just like any other RM rule.

Oooooo... :wink: :smiley:

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You probably will find you want a Cancel Delayed Actions as the very first thing in your actions. Otherwise once that 5 min timeout starts even if more motion occurs it will turn the light off based on the first time that 5 min got set. A good rule of thumb is if you are doing any timeouts or delays that you want the Cancel Delayed Actions to start.

do you have screen you can share? im not 100% clear on where this goes or how to tell it to canx on motion

only way i can learn honestly

no, I don't know it, I did one easy rules to play with it becuase i knew i was moving to HE,

so if all doors are close and there is no motion i want the light off ASAP (i guess i still need a delay in there in case i go in the room and shut the doors (to keep the dogs in and things) and right now dogs are kicking the light on every few minutes lol (not in pen rightnow)
the first 2 terms are working great this morning

so i just need to finsh up the motion delay parts :slight_smile:

thanks everyone for the help to this point :slight_smile: