Is there any way to include Homekit only items in HE

I have a couple of devices that are supported by Homekit. One is a lock and one is a thermostat. I can set them up with my phone but do not have an Apple TV or any other fixed "server" device that supports Homekit. Neither device has direct support with HE but is there any other way I could add these to HE.

The only way is by using Home Bridge which needs an always on NodeJS server running.

I thought that only made HE devices available to Homekit. Is that not the case?

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Apple's HomeKit assumes THEY are the center of the Universe.

My kids do that too.

Apple allows "Appliances" to be joined to HomeKit, but Appliances don't get to know or see other appliances. Homebridge is a NodeJS app that is a HomeKit appliance. Your Thermostat is a HomeKit appliance. They can't talk to each other. You CAN however create HomeKit Automations that react to an appliance.

You could create Hubitat virtual devices that are sent via Homebridge to HomeKit. When something happens on your Thermostat, a HomeKit Automation can update the Hubitat virtual device.

To create HomeKit automations, you need one of the Apple devices to be always on.. an Apple TV, HomePod or iPad.

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That is correct. You need to expose virtual switches to HomeKit using homebridge, then link them together with HomeKit devices using HomeKit Automations. So you must have an Apple TV, a Homepod, or an iPad that is always on running the latest iOS


Look at that.. you said the same thing in half the words... Do you have a Cloud interface to your brain I can use to clean my responses?? :slight_smile: :smiley:

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Speak them into your phone instead of typing them, it’s a lot shorter. I do the same thing, when I type stuff. Way too many words.

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Thanks. I really don't want an Apple TV. I have way more streaming devices that I have TVs now. I will likely replace those devices. Just wanted to make sure.

Think of it like another hub and bury it in a closet :joy:


You do need to connect it to a TV the first hour you have it so you can set it up, But after that unplug it from the 'loaner' TV.

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I still wouldn't have direct control of the lock or thermostat. If there was direct two-way communication I would but this ends up being a cobbled fix no??

"Direct two way"

HE <--> Homebridge <--> HomeKit <--> Thermostat

HE <--> Amazon <--> Echo

At least one is all local. :smiley:

Ok all, hate to spoil the party late but technically there is a way.....

Take a look here

This is not a simple task and would require a lot of work. I don’t have any plans to work on this at the moment as I don’t have the cycles available right now but maybe in the future....


Is it Supported by Google Assistant? Maybe Google assistant relay is the way for you to go? I realize it’s not local, but it’s pretty darn reliable and does react quickly. I use it as well for my August lock with August bridge. I could actually use HomeKit now that it’s so reliable thanks to @dan.t, but it’s been solid on Google Assisant Relay, so I haven’t bothered to make the change. I also use it for some Switchmate switches I added recently to control battery devices, And I’m using it set the color on an IKEA TRÅDFRI bulb that is attached to the Hue bridge.

:joy: Dan, that’s like bringing a case of beer and saying “sorry to spoil the party!” :wink:


That feels like a lot of work/interconnections just to get a device connected. Do they all stay in sync and over time?

@dan.t Thanks for the link. I will have a look.

The thermostat does have Echo support and Google Assistant support. I don't have any Google Assistant devices so unless Google Relay works without adding one that won't work. Thanks

Just need a google account. All the magic happens in the cloud. No need to own a google device.

I will give that a try. Many thanks.