Is there any modification to the loading priority of the driver?

I have added my drivers as below:

Just like I wrote and debugged these drivers a few months ago.
But it is strange that even if I only keep the drivers related to the device, the drivers that are allocated after the device is paired are not saved by me.
I have completed these drivers a long time ago and haven't changed them for a long time.
I didn't know that this problem occurred until someone reported to me that the corresponding driver could not be found.
Is there any modification to the loading priority of the driver?

I'm having trouble understanding this description of the problem as well as what "loading priority" is. Can you phrase the issue in a different way?


Thought it was just me...


There is no "loading priority" as far as I know.

The Hubitat Hub is event driven. This means that when a switch sends a message due to someone physically changing the switch (on or off) the driver assigned to that device is loaded. One driver, no priority, beyond the fact that an event occurred.

Driver Code is simply a storage place for code. Unless you USE the driver for a device, then the code is just eating storage space.

Event --> use driver assigned to the device. Hubitat developed apps and drivers are not exposed, so there's no storage you get to adjust for those. Only code you add to the hub is visible in either of the two storage locations: Driver Code or Apps Code.

[ I don't really understand the question either, but I've taken a wild guess at potential answers. ]

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I originally thought it would give priority to using the driver stored under Driver Code.

I understand the question as "which driver is automatically selected when a device is paired to HE hub?"

The automatic driver selection seems to depend on whether the same device was paired to the hub before, then it depends on the InClusers & OutCusters list matching, then it depends on the device model, and lastly depends on the manufacturerID.