Is there an easy way to turn off debug logging for all devices?

Is there an easy way to turn off debug logging for all devices?

Built-in app "preference manager"


Also, all built-in drivers and most (well-writtten?) community drivers automatically disable debug logging after 30 minutes, whether it's manually enabled or enabled (as it also is by default) after adding the device. So, debug logging is not something you normally need to worry about manually turning off. If anything, keeping it on is a concern sometimes. :smiley:

Description text/info logging, which normally just writes events to the log, is different (enabled by default and until manually disabled).

The above can help with either, though you may see the preference repeated a few times depending on how the driver implements this preference internally. Most built-in ones should be the same, at least.


While on this topic - Is there an easy way to turn off location events for the entire hub - I'm using a LAN endpoint to remote (and repeatedly) set a bunch of global hub variables from an external python data collection source, and would love to just cut down on the "noise level" (and likely CPU and DB overhead) from repeated setting these hub variables (HV)

I haven't found an option on the LAN endpoint or the HV itself, to disable this logging.

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I'm stumped.

Any errors in the logs?

Yup. I'll uninstall and reinstall.

I uninstalled, restarted hub, reinstalled.

There must be an odd device that is not cooperating with it doing the initial settings scan when you load it up for the first time.

If you have any suspects, it might skip over disabled devices, so you could try disabling anything with custom drivers to start with.

@bravenel or @mike.maxwell who's app is prefs managers? See above.

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This feels like a separate question to adjusting device settings, like @Hal3 asked about. I would suggest posting a separate topic posing this question. That said, your question does sound a little odd in the sense that I don't anticipate that the logging would be a significant overhead, if the HV's are being updated on a semi-regular basis, any more often then you may want to re-consider how you are managing the HV's.... just my 2c... But like I said, probably worth it's own topic.

Its mine, but not following/understanding the problem

App wont load for @Hal3 as posted above. It was deleted, hub rebooted and reinstalled. Still getting blank page with errors in the logs. Some sort of null issue.

null on line 72 (method main)

Theres a custom driver of some sort that it doesn't like when the preferences are selected by type.
Possibly because the setting type wasn't defined in the driver?

Do you get the error when selecting by Preference Name?

I don't think he can even open the app according to above, just white screen as soon as it is installed and opened. Couldn't the app just have a null check there so it doesn't error out?

I suppose, but i would rather figure out what the actual issue is.

What is my next step?
I'm not sure how to find "suspects".

How many different custom drivers are you using?

I'm not sure what you mean by "custom". All my drivers are from Hubitat or the community via Hubitat Package Manager.

I would expect these are the one's Mike is referring to

Here is the list from Package Manager: