Is there a way to test the alarms?

I just set up monitoring for water leaks. I "think" it will work great, but I'd love to be able to run a test that runs my water leak rules without actually having to go touch the water sensor. Is there a way? If not, I'd love for that to be added. It's always good to test your alarms to make sure they work how you want them to! :slight_smile:

You could make a virtual moisture sensor.

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Yeah, that's definitely a good work-around. I still think there should be a "test" button in the Safety app for each area though. I think that would be pretty handy.

I'm not sure this is a good idea. It will give the end user a false sense of security that their sensors will trip and trigger when a leak is detected. The only way to know that a physical sensor can trip is to actually trip it (and there is no way for Hubitat or any other controller to do that).

The use of a virtual sensor as suggested by @jbrown is sufficient to indicate the rest of the automation works.


That makes sense and I kind of agree. Maybe calling it a "test" would give a false sense of security. As a new user, I did appreciate having a "Run Actions" button when looking at rules in Rule Machine. I want to know if my trigger does happen, this is exactly what I am going to get. I think the same would be beneficial in Security so I can see what happens if the sensor(s) are tripped.


Just touch the leak sensor with a wet piece of tissue paper. This will test both the sensor and HSM. Don't just simulate a test without testing out the hardware.
Just like smoke detector. You press the physical test button.

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Yes, I get that. My idea is still valid. In my case, I am building this Hubitat system fresh and have installed the water leak sensor in the basement. It would still be nice to have a "Run Actions" button in the GUI so I don't have to go wet the physical sensor.

Well, the one to convince is Hubitat, not us. Bruce is the one that owns that app ( bravenel ).

Right, but I thought this would be somewhere that Hubitat employees would see? If not, I'm more than happy to submit a feature-request somewhere. I literally just got my hub less than a week ago so I'm still trying to figure out all the proper channels. :slight_smile:

No worries. They already saw it, I'm sure.

But to be sure just copy @bravenel on it (which I just did). He'll see it, and figure out whether to put it on the feature request list.

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