Is there a way to test for a running total for button presses, power usage, etc?

I have realized there are some things I'd like to monitor over long periods of time, like "{do thing} when this device has been powered on for 500 hours." Or, "{do thing} when this device has been switched on 100 times." Is there a good way to accomplish this with the built in tools?

You could do this with syslog or influx and then just create something to parse the raw data. There isn't anything built in but I think it's pretty doable.

It wouldn’t be trivial, but using hub variables to accumulate the counts and accumulated on time is one way to do it.

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check App: Device Tracker

It may accumulate your counts and hours but I don’t think it can trigger actions based on any desired thresholds.

That looks very promising, thanks. I can actually trigger actions from RM as long as there is something to check, which this provides.