Is there a way to power monitor iOS and charge

Soo I got a special plan on t m0bile for $5 a month (don’t ask, they made a mistake) it’s really low minutes and text, I think 200/200. I RARELY use it, maybe 2-3 week for an hour. I need it charged 24/7 so I just kept it plugged in 24/7, damn the battery. But now T-Mobile let me upgrade that phone free to an iPhone 11. I’d rather not ruin that battery by charging 24/7. The simple solution would be to charge to 100% once or twice per week then unplug it and repeat. Is there a “smart’’ solution to this?

As long as you are using a "approved by apple" charger, you can charge your phone overnight and it will not hurt the battery.

Presumably, you're using the phone during the day and not leaving it on the charger. It sounds to me, based on what you describe your usage as, you should be able to get a full day's use out of the phone without charging it. Just charge it at night.

The battery last 4 days for me

Well there you go! No need to leave it on the charger then. :slight_smile: Best thing to do is charge it up when it's near empty until it's all the way full and then use it till it's more or less empty again. Leaving it on the charger 24/7 can definitely shorten the batteries life, especially if you use a cheap charger.

My folks just upgraded from flip phones to iPhonesl. It's been quite an.....adjustment we'll call it. My mother even got an Otterbox case. I'm like, "Mom, what are you doing with your phone? Taking it mountain climbing?" lol

Lol, I think what I’m gonna do, is buy a smart plug, that only turns on once every 3 days for 3 hours

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Okay. That's not what I would do. I would just plug your phone in when it was low on battery. But if that's what you think is best, go for it.

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If you wanted to get into it you could use the Shortcuts app in ios to turn on/off a smart plug when the phone is in low power mode.


Very good idea, now what would u use to turn off at 100%?

Why? Phones have had circuitry to prevent overcharging for a long time.

You could use Life360 and @bptworld's Life360 Tracker app to expose the battery level on the phone. With the battery level exposed there are all kinds of possibilities in RM for monitoring and automating charging.

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I HEAR It’s bad not to let let the battery drain, and power itself

Keeping a battery charged once it reaches 100% isn't going to hurt it.

Also, battery memory is an issue for NiMH batteries, not the Li-ion batteries that most phones have.


Thank you. I have a pi 0, and ups and that usb a cord. Think I can rig something?

Li-ion batteries will have the longest life if they are kept near mid charge level so you could turn on the charger at 40% and back off at 70%

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Thank you

+1 to @bptworld LIfe360 apps.