Is there a way to make the dashboard template universal?

I edited the dashboard template for one of the dashboards I created. I now have all the devices set up tiles, colors, icons just the way I want them.

However, if I go to create another dashboard, it seems the template for the last dashboard I created does not carry over to the new dashboard. Is there a setting so that will allow my custom template to be used with all future dashboards?

If you go into the advanced settings on the dashboard you have set up, you will be able to see the code for your custom templates, you should be able to copy those elements across to your new dashboard.

I would advise copying the new dashboard code into notepad first incase it goes tits up!

Thanks, was hoping for something that would make a template universal, but I took your advice and copied the code to each new dashboard and it is working. Thanks for the help Mark!

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