Is there a way to get RM to do something similar to

... Mode Managers "Use Time settings to Return from Away" option to just tell the hub to set the mode based on the time of day? So if I have manually changed the mode for some reason but later I want it to set the appropriate mode based on the time of day is there a single option for that or do I need a group of IF ELSE-IF statements to get the correct mode set based on the time of day basically mirroring what is setup in the mode manager?

You would probably need to set conditionals for this.

The only mode that changes without interaction from someone in my house is home at 7:00 as part of our wake up routine. Every other mode is based off button pushes of some kind.

I have several rules for mode transitions and have the rules pause or resume the appropriate rules when changing modes. So that the next transition is correct

Mine are time based but I have a couple overrides it's all programmed up but I just noticed that option in Mode Manager and thought maybe I had missed it else where. It would be a nice option.

It took me a while to adjust to modes. I came from a system that had several states that you could combine to do different “modes” (i.e dark, not dark, home, away)

So I started with Global Variables. Now I use modes for home away housekeeper pre-sleep and sleep. And I have a separate VS for Dark

All of that to say I don’t use mode manager and find it easier to manage with Buttons or RM

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It's great to have all these options so we can all pick what works best in our circumstances. Hurray for Hubitat!


I spent entirely too much time dealing with this specific issue. In the end I decided that Away really wasn't a time of day mode. There is time of day and there is occupancy and they are independent.

I'm using a global boolean OCCUPIED in addition to the Day/Evening/Night modes.

Away is set automatically when there are no presence sensors present while the other mode follow the sun.

Simplified my life.

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I did almost the opposite. Away, Home, Pre-Sleep and Sleep are modes. Almost all set by buttons or other simple triggers.

Then I have Dark set by lux. Nothing is really set by time. But I used the type of occupancy as the mode and the “time of day” is done by how light it is outside.

When I started it was 3 global booleans
Home, Dark, Sleep

That is what I did.

If time is (sunrise) ANd (Tom/Jane) home AND mode NOT (xyz) THEN set mode (abc).

Not the exact code, but that is the idea. Repeat it as many times as you have modes filling in the (...) with the appropriate item.

Trigger is simple poll every X minutes.

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