Is there a way to detect if a Color bulb is in Color mode instead of White mode?

My use case:
I have Color bulbs (LIFX) that on Holidays I have a rule that changes them to a Color appropriate for the Holiday.
However, I also have daily White dimming and White warming following sunset. Is there a way for me to add an exclusion to the daily runs if the bulb is in a color mode for the Holidays?

Thanks for your insight

Yes, the colorMode attribute of the bulb should be either CT (for color temperature, shades of white) or RGB (for regular colors). You can see the current value of this attribute at the top of the device detail page under "Current States." I'd verify that it reports as expected first.

As for how to use it: this depends on what app(s) you're using. If you're using Rule Machine, it would be available for use in a condition/expression, including a conditional action or required expression, using "Custom Attribute." Other apps may vary. If you aren't sure, sharing more information about that setup may be helpful.


Perfect - I see the choice under the Define Required Expression in Rule Engine (CT / RGB) and will migrated those bulbs from the Basic app. I'll avoid running if RGB.
Then at the End of my special Holiday RGB jobs I'll change them back to CT so that the Rule Engine jobs will pick-up.

Thanks for your help!

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