Is there a way to delete orphaned child apps?

So I installed Better Laundry Monitor and it has a serious bug in it. When the parent app is deleted the child apps are still installed and active.

Is there a way to delete these even though they are not showing up in the app list?

List of my apps installed: (no BLM)

Trying to delete the app code:

I suspect these will get cleaned up as part of the hub's overnight maintenance processes (around 2 AM). That being said, a workaround in the meantime: if you still have any devices that were in use by these apps, open the page for that device, check the "In use by" section, and delete the child app from either the cogs/status page (there's always a "Remove" button there, even if the app won't load) or the child app itself (clicking into it as normal if you're still able to open it).

Nope tried all that. Also the maintenance did nothing to it either. :frowning: Just did a soft reset with a restore to prior to installing BLM.

Sorry if I am too late to assist. One thing I have done in the past is find the orphaned app's "id" by looking at your logs. Then you can go to your apps page and select the "gear" icon for any of your apps which will bring you to the app details, from there you can substitute your orphaned apps id in the URL and that should bring you to the details page from which you can delete it. Kind of hard to explain, sorry if this doesn't make sense.