Is there a way to cycle fan speed up or down depending on button?

Basically I have a 6 speed fan in Hubitat and I want it to work just like a native caseta fan with a pico. 1- on hi, 2 cycle up, 3 a fav, 4- cycle down, 5- off

Is that even possible? Thank you

Edit: if it matters the fan is though the bond integration

something like this should work....

Probably, if bond can send discrete speed commands to the fan, which from your screenshot it looks like it can.

I did something like this once with a pico and a Hampton bay fan controller. I used the button device feature in rule machine but if you’re on the most recent hub firmware, use the button controller app as it can handle conditional actions now (which used to be limited to the button controller within rule machine)

Buttons 1, 3 and 5 are straightforward, since they’re always going to be the same command. It’s 2 and 4 that need IF statements.

I don’t live in the same house anymore and that hub isn’t currently active, otherwise I’d just share a screenshot of the old rule.

But to increase the speed by one setting each time button 2 is pushed, the actions would be something like:

IF speed is low, THEN set speed to medium
ELSE IF speed is medium, THEN set speed to medium-high
ELSE IF speed is medium-high, then set speed to high

Edit: too slow, just look at @gassgs’s rule screenshot :rofl:.

Thanks, what’s auto? I saw that on mine too

Mine is a hampton bay zigbee model so auto is "breeze mode" it randomly cycles through the different speeds.

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Thanks, I’ll try this for my in-laws fan

I think I’m going to attempt and app to do this (with my brothers help) . Theres an app for light dimmers

My button controller doesn’t have conditional

It depends which version of the hub firmware you have. The function is either in rule machine, or in button controller.

The new button controllers 5.0 should. Or rule machine if you are running an older version.

It would be nice if the "cycle up" and "cycle down" functions were built into the device driver


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