Is there a way to change my username?

I can't find anywhere within profile/accoubt settings to change my username.. is it possible? I definitely do not remember setting my username to such a generic name... is that something the website defaults to?

@bobbyD should be able to help you

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Great question! The platform sets the user name by default to user###. A user can change the name only for a limited period of time.

Currently, the maximum number of days after registration that accounts can change their username is 7 days. After the 7 days, a moderator can change the user name for you.

If the 7 days have passed, you can tag @support_team and one of the moderators will change the name for you. Be sure to validate that you are not requesting a name that has already been taken. To validate that requested name is available, please look up the new name on the users page.

The reason the period to change a user name is so short, is because referrals to posts made under the old user name, will be broken, once the change is made.


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