Is there a way to access the Device Enabled/Disabled attribute?

If there is such a thing....
This is the normally hidden column on the Device List page that has an "X" for a disabled device.

I tried a bunch, but no luck.


I don't know that I've seen a way to check the current status, just to enable/disable.

I haven't seen disabled/enabled as an attribute anywhere.

Do you have a clue how capture devices works? I tried it, not that it would help here, but couldn't figure out where it was captured to.

This is for capturing and restoring switch, dimmer, or bulb states (on/off, level, CT, or color). I do not believe Rule Machine has the ability to check the enabled/disabled state of a device. If you are writing a custom app, it is a property on the device object that you can view, however.

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I don't have custom app writing skills, alas.
Perhaps there is a custom app out there that would provide access to this state?