Is there a timeline for Matter support on the C-8?

What is the timeline for matter on Hubitat, one of the reasons I bought the new hub was it was suppose to be integrated.

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There are multiple threads (no pun intended) discussing Matter on Hubitat. While Hubitat never publishes a public timeline for things like this, they have always said that they intend (not promise) that this should be available by the end of the year (2023).

There are lots of variables here, one is a lack of Matter devices to test against. They can code stuff, but Hubitat seems to do extensive testing with actual devices and actual situations. The same thing is happening with Z-wave Long Range, the hub is capable, but until there are more than a handful of devices, they can't do any significant testing to be sure it works properly.

Hub firmware has to be tested extensively in Alpha and Beta testing before general release, and if bugs show up they have to be fixed before general release.

In short, Matter is coming, but there isn't an exact date for it yet.


As @neonturbo said, Hubitat staff have never publicly committed to a timeline re: Matter support, nor have they guaranteed it will be supported at all.

It seems likely that it will, sometime, though.


Many of the introduction videos from various sources said we should see Matter on the C8 sometime in 2023, it is the reason I went with it, I would have went with another platform if there not supporting Matter in the coming year. Even knowing that matter is not ready for prime time yet, I have a few matter devices within HomeKit and they’re not really reliable solutions yet. But in time I think it should be! Cross my fingers.

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We are only about 3/4 of the way through 2023. I would speculate that there should be a major release coming this month. There should quite likely be a second major update toward the end of the year, if they are still on track for quarterly major updates (with minor bugfix between).

Not to pick on you, but I see this sentiment fairly often, on Reddit and elsewhere on the net. I guess I don't get it.

If it isn't (as you say) ready for primetime, and isn't reliable, why should Hubitat, or any manufacturer for that matter, rush into it? That is a lot of time and effort for something that currently few people can use or benefit from. Or worse, taint users experience with Matter if it sucks that badly. If you just want to to say "FIRST" that is a silly excuse to need Matter.

Wouldn't it be better for everyone if Hubitat thoroughly internally tests this with real devices and real situations before foisting upon the users? If it isn't reliable, and isn't ready for primetime, that just creates a support nightmare! :scream_cat:

The above couple paragraphs were a question by the way, and not a statement as to Hubitat's thinking. I would like to understand the "why" behind this.


They released c8 with all kinds of issues and we all worked through it and it was a pain no doubt but supposedly Matter is going to be the standard as time goes on, so it’s better to get on the road with it early and work through it now!

In any event all the other manufacturers are releasing Matter and are working towards it being the standard so should Hubitat

Matter is a Google product?
No thanks.

Supposedly, yes. We shall see.

No, not really. Gmail is a google product, for example. Google is a big name in the connected standards alliance.


We have a general rule in the procurement spaces. Always purchase based on current capabilities and never purchase based on a roadmap unless you are the entity funding that effort and it's in the contract.

It doesn't matter if you are running a fortune five hundred or a home you purchase for today's needs with some insight into what is next. A #1 product today can become an exhibit in the Museum of Dead Technology tomorrow.


IMHO, let them do all the work and deal with all the false starts (of which there have already been several since Matter was unleashed on the public).

Regardless of what I think, Hubitat staff have been pretty consistent that they’re keeping abreast of updates in the mater consortium and have some kind of plan to integrate matter support in the future.

But they’re very unlikely to make public announcements with more details about that timeline (since they rarely, if ever do re: major new features). And a vocal minority of users is very unlikely to change their thinking re: that timeline.


Matter is a Google product.
No thanks.

Call it what you’d like, but that won’t change the fact it’s not a google product.


Semantics. The "big name" will control everything.

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Plenty of big names in that group.

I think an interesting discussion would be about who benefits from Matter, and how. What's in it for Amazon, Apple and Google? What's in it for small device manufacturers? What's in it for end users?

It's certainly fair to say that Matter is much more hot air than something real and widely understood.


Apple and Amazon are promoters too.

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Never heard of ‘em :wink:.


Oh, good.

While it is in its infancy, there are multiple Matter-aware devices and hubs available now. Although Matter was definitely all hot air a year ago, there is a little more substance to it now .....


"Oh good"?
I don't really care about Matter one way or the other (or Apple, or Google, or Amazon). Just pointing out that it's not semantics, and Google is not "The" big name controlling everything. Personally, I have no interest in Matter until (if) it starts to show some advantage over the established offerings.