Is there a "Speaker Central" for notifications? (Route notifications to specific device[s] via proxy)

Now that the Hubitat mobile apps have been released and support notifications, I'm looking to retire my existing solution and use the mobile app devices (they support the presence and notification capabilities as devices in Hubitat, in case you are unfamiliar) instead. Only problem is that I have a few mobile devices, and they each create their own Hubitat device. I'm not interested in re-using the same device for each (though you can) because I may want each to use its own presence, but in most (all?) cases, I want notifications to go to every device. Right now, I think the only want to do that is to choose each device in each app/automation. This is fine, but I suspect it will require maintenance in the future if I add/remove mobile devices, so I'm looking to avoid that (I could also see me eventually getting creative and only sending it to certain devices based on time or presence, but since my current solution blindly sends it to every one, I'm not worried about that now).

So, I was thinking: is there something like Cobra's "Speaker Central" but for notifications? (I did try that, by the way, but it does truly seem limited to speaker-type devices--but I still checked since before notifications existed in any form on Hubitat, a lot of us cheated and used TTS devices instead that were really notifiers.) At the very least, I'm thinking one virtual device that would route notifications sent to it to any number of "real" devices. In a more complicated form, I could see someone going all-Speaker-Central-out and having it be able to select specific "real" devices based on time, presence, or other conditions so that the virtual/"proxy" device is able to filter out the "real" devices that aren't enabled at that time due to these conditions.

Is this already possible? Maybe my brain just isn't thinking of some obvious solution. Otherwise, I see the possibility for a new app (or expansion of an existing one) here. :slight_smile:

Probably easier to add ‘notifications’ to speaker central

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A little while ago I wrote a global variable into all of my audio notification rules in RM. I then have that rule firing a custom action which I can then edit as i want using the global variable as the text that is spoken. This way, if i change how/what devices get notified from RM, I only have to do that in one place and everything else stays the same. I'm thinking of doing the same now with my current text notification devices to try out the new app. Might be a bit of a pain now but in the long run might make things easier if you decide you don't like it and want to swap back. I guess it all depends on how many notifications you have on which would be more time consuming.