Is there a "padding" character that can be used in dashboard?

I'm trying to align rows of display in @cobra's smart tile. I would like to add some space between the name and value. I've tried adding a space character and the code ignores. So I was wondering if there is a groovy aware char that will display like a space but not get "cleaned" away?


I'm sorry, I'm not understanding you. You mean vertically between the name and the value? Maybe a screen shot would be helpful.

Have you tried the html &nbsp ?

But the value is in the middle of the tile and the name is at the bottom.

like this tile....

Want more space between the names and values.

I hadn't tried the html version your response prompted me to look into the ASCII code. It appears Alt+0160 is a likely solution.
However My sensor is not functioning right now ( under construction ). I plan to create a test tile but I think you got me there (with the padding char)


If you check the settings in the Font area, you can use { } for the html tags (HE now strip most out). This is the way I use div align too, you can also use {br} after text or on a line on its own to move things around. You just have to watch the character count.

I'm using the html space below on 3 lines (Sunrise, Sunset and Feels Like)

Great! Thank for sharing :slight_smile:

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