Is there a limit to the size of a log file created in the built-in Notifier app?

This is the first time I'm using logging in a rule.

Is there a limit to the size of the file created by the built in Notifier app?


edit: The File Manager says there's 999 MB free.

Beyond the hard limit, sounds like you are familiar with the tangible limits you should apply to your rules that make use of the logging option.... Feels like you just need to exercise a level of restraint and you will be fine....

I've only got the one rule involving 3 motion sensors. I don't know how quick it will pile up. It all depends on if the deer break through again. :slight_smile:

So, one file could potentially use all the available storage, in this case 999 MB? Not that it would.

Are you saying a rule you include a logging action will fail?

The rule appears to be working. I am hoping it doesn't get super big. Although, over time...

To quote a classic.... posting a screenshot could help... :slight_smile:

I'm not sure if you're asking about a Rule (e.g., Rule Machine is really the only one that lets you log specific things on demand, beyond whatever simple logging options the app itself offers) or Notifications, but in any case:

File Manager has a 1 GB quota; this is not indicative of hub's storage in general.

Logs, as you may have noticed, are limited in size. But this is not tied to any particular app or driver. It's just a total limit for the entirety of Past Logs. When the feature was new, this was set to 256 KB. I don't recall that changing, so I would assume that is still the case (though knowing that value has little practical application; the end result is that the chattier your logs are, the less far back you can see -- and they will purge themselves of old entries well before you'd need to worry about anything else).

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Basically, log until you hit the limit, then let's talk.... :slight_smile: That's my take at least...

See post title

What about it? It's repeated in a sentence in your post, I read both, and the lack of clarity still stands. In any case, the answer I provided is the same, as it does not depend on the app.

Sorry, it seemed like you were addressing Live and Past logs, where I am asking about a Notifier app log. I must've missed the 256 KB number-doesn't seem too big. I guess I'll find out.

Writing to a local file for Notifier logging has been available since late '21.
I have not found any boundaries on local file size other than the 1GB total mentioned earlier.

OK, with the screenshot, all makes sense. So you're writing to a local file, not logs.

I'm not aware of any size-based limits for this other than a 10 MB limit for files you upload yourself. It's possile the hub may run into some limit on its own around then, too, but I haven't seen anyone run into anything. You're probably unlikely to with a plain text file like that, especially, but I suppose if you leave it for long enough and have an active enough sensor, you might find out eventually... :slight_smile:

Hopefully the deer aren't that active and i don't have to blow the snow off the driveway too much. :sweat_smile: