Is there a HDMI Matrix/Switcher with a LAN based API?

As per the title, I suspect this doesn't exist. But do any of the HDMI matrix/switcher boxes have an API we can tap into for selecting inputs? I basically want to control and automate over the LAN with a local API rather than having to use an infrared zapper.

(I know an AVR would work for this but I don't want or need one, or the size or the extra power - audio is all handled with a box that already exists, I just want to be able to control more HDMI inputs)

J Tech makes HDMI Matrix Devices that have local LAN access. I'm just using their app on my phone but it is local and you could replicate management with a driver if you wanted to.

I think someone already did something similar in Python that could be referenced.

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Perfect, thank you!

If it's got a simple local restAPI or something i'm sure I could just trigger it in webCore quite easily. Fingers crossed.