Is there a dictionary for the Z-Wave Devices page?

Is there anything published on what all the items on this page mean?

Specifically, what happens when I select Repair vs. Refresh? While I understand Remove, what does Replace do?

But, perhaps more importantly, what do all the in: and out: items/codes tell us? Why do some devices have an out: and some do not, etc.?

Repair starts an individual device Z-Wave route repair process.
Refresh seems to ask the hub to ping the device for the latest status and route, and then updates the display.
Replace allows you to replace an unresponsive device with a new one of the same type and reuse the network ID

The Clusters, I believe point you to the command classes supported by the device (see:


Perfect. Pretty much what I thought as well. Thanks for reference to Silabs.

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There is details in the Hubitat docs:

Thanks, Tony. Learning more every day. Still struggling with a number of non-Plus devices from an earlier system. I still wonder whether there is a bug in 2.2.4 or whether I will need to replace the sensors with Plus units to get reliable security monitoring. Hoping to hear back from Support after the holiday.