Is there a database with compatible devices and item numbers?

Hi all i am new to the smartworld and looking to buy HE. I found a list on this page with compatible he devices but i really need item numbers so i can search what i can buy. Im thinking of starting with yeelight for lighting. If you guys have suggestions for a brand i could buy for door and window sensors, also im looking for a smoke alarm.
Thanx in advance.

Welcome to HE and the board. Two items:

  • A list of Official Compatible Devices (written and tested by the HE staff is contained at the link below.
  • There are numerous other community developed integrations available. Just search by product name/number and ask questions on specifics (i.e., garage door opener).

Again, welcome and have a good experience.

Dave Gutheinz


Thank you Dave.

For contact sensors I bought a couple of these for my daughters house. Pros: uses AAA batteries and inexpensive Con: kind of big.

For smoke alarm I have 2 of these, I’ve had them for about five years. I’ve had one false alarm. First Alert ZCOMBO-G Z-Wave Enabled Battery Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Combo Alarm (Works with the Ring Alarm Security Kit) | First Alert Store

If you get these devices you’ll need some mains powered z-wave devices for repeaters.

Just noticed, your from Iceland so these items may not be available for you.

Thx JBrown. Any compatible suggestion are appreciated. Will check if the smoke alarms can be sent to iceland. I saw some suggested repeaters the other day, going to check that out to.

Does Iceland use the same z-wave frequency as the U.S. ?

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Going by this, IF you can trust Wikipedia, no.

Iceland is a Euro frequency. If you click on the CEPT countries link in the chart part way down the page, it shows Iceland in that list.

@simmi344, you may want to do some research to verify what frequency your region uses before buying devices. Many of us are North America based, which is not compatible with other region Zwave frequencies.

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868.4mhz in iceland. So i whould have to buy from europe ? Is HE limited to sertain frequenzes or just accessories?

Z-wave has different frequencies depending on the region/country they are being used, as @neonturbo pointed out. Hubitat sells hubs with z-wave radios with different frequencies. Depending on your region/country . All Zigbee devices work at 2.4 ghz.

Your country has some authority that regulates what frequencies are used for what devices. In the USA that would be the Federal Communication Commission.

If you use the wrong frequency, you may interfere with other devices, with possible bad effects like interfering with police radios, airplanes, medical equipment, cell phones, or whatever else that may be on that frequency.

Hubitat C7 can switch between Zwave frequencies, but you should not randomly use an unlicensed frequency. Your individual devices need to match the Hub frequency. The hub can only understand or receive on the correct frequency. It would be like trying to watch channel 10 TV on channel 23. It isn't going to work.

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These work well and are very cheap

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For contact sensors, I recommend Wyze sensors and [RELEASE] Alpha WyzeSense Integration. It does require another server to run a program though

Really? I am a wyze customer and saw a good amount of complaints about the sensors on the wyze forums. And the wyze integration introduces another point of failure, not good for a security system. I prefer directly connected local devices, that as long as my HE is running , works.
Plus it'll wind up being more expensive & complex, no?
The iris sensors are 4.90 each

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I agree. If I were buying new sensors, I would try to avoid ones that aren’t directly connected to hubitat because of added complexity/potential failure point. If I already had a bunch of sensors that could be indirectly integrated with hubitat, I might consider it.

I can definitely get that, but in terms of my use, I'm not using it through the Wyze cam and having it report back to Wyze. I tried that, and use IFTTT to relay the info to HE, but that took too long. Using [RELEASE] Alpha WyzeSense Integration it uses a Linux device as the host and responds basically immediately.

With a few rules to always make sure the service is connected, I haven't had any issues with it at all

That's good to hear. Personally I prefer less possible points of failure. Maybe I'm just gun shy with all the zigbee/z-wave issue with my hub, I don't want anything else to possibly go awry. Although generally, anything pi/linux is pretty dam stable from what I've read.

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yea, it effectively works the same as HE. Plug the Zigbee dongle into your host, then you can pair the devices n such. In HE it runs the program and collect the data to then give the status n such.

The app took me a bit to set up as I didn't use a pi but instead a Ubuntu VM (all that is in the thread of the app), but it has been rock solid.

I just look at it as a make-shift hubconnect

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