Is there a community repository for Drivers and Apps?

I think the idea is usually that having a viable ecosystem is an enormous boost for a product (viz the iTunes Store) and worth more than it could ever cost. Nokia, IIRC, tried the approach of charging developers to get into their App Store.

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I have contributed to both pimatic and openhab, I like the openhab model the best. They used have a public wiki page on their github repo that had different categories that anyone could edit and just a link to their repo in it. (Haven't visited in a while so don't know if that still works). Its totally scalable and self-healing. You put your thing in the category you like and people discover it

Something like this?

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that is probably good enough for govt use - but the major issue is how do people discover that page unless Hubitat puts in a link for community supported apps and drivers link where its visible. This is the openhab page on their main repo in github @mike.maxwell how about a sticky forum post at the top of shared code section pointing to that wiki or some other permanent self-maintaining page.

@bptworld I guess I should learn how to read again :slight_smile: Yeah this is cool. BTW I can't find the edit button, it says everyone can modify but I dont see an Edit button at the bottom.

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I think you need your 'Owner' title before you can edit.