Is the lounge for tech related questions or just questions in general?

I’m not talking political speech or memes etc, but I was just wondering what kinda dog food you feed lol. As I started typing, I thought “this feels inappropriate” lol

Iams, but after 15 years my old lab wants wet food on top :man_shrugging: A spoon full of Petco brand wet food on top makes it go right down!!

And I think you can post anything here, but what do I know.

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I feed my dogs raw. It's great! :smiley:

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I used to do that but then I ran out of neighbors :man_shrugging:


You should start on politicians ........ naw, that might make your dog sick.

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I lost my pig baconbits that way, never again they truly are toxic in every sense of the word... :wink:

My dog dines out on BARF