Is the Community Under Load?

I forgot to take a screenshot, but I tried searching about 5-10 mins ago and got a message indicating the site was under load and so search option had been temporarily disabled....

It seems to be back now....


I saw this once yesterday, then it went away. Probably means we need to get more work done around the house :wink:


I think @bobbyD was aware of this issue, but tagging him here just so he has another couple data points from users.


Here is why...


_yallgotanymore of that storage


I don't see this as a bad thing though I may watch how many pictures I post :slight_smile:


Even after the expansion a couple of days ago, Iโ€™m still getting slow response in loading some topics and getting back to the home page in the Community (not โ€œfreezingโ€ like before, but still a noticeable delay compared to, say, a month ago). Is anyone else encountering this, and is there anything in the works to address this?

If this is truly related to the growth of the community and not just a local problem on my end, I suppose this reflects favorably on how great this community is, and how it is rapidly growing with high participation.

Not seeing any delays here.

@bobbyD maybe messed up the wiring a bit - a "neutral" is likely required for optimal community forum performance...


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Thank you for your feedback. We have received a few reports that some users continue to experience "extreme load" even after Saturday's changes, so we are currently investigating what might cause the problem.


I have been experiencing some lag today - not as bad as pre-Saturday's change and is very intermittent.

I am still experiencing lag.

Anyone else seen this message at the top of the Community page?

Yup. Saw it last night.

We are seeing an elevated number of pageviews in the past 30 min. But historically, the traffic should go down shortly.


The price of being popular....


I was seeing it around 10 pm (cdt) last night.

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It would be interesting to see a graph of page views superimposed on a graph of platform firmware release occurrences.

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@bobbyD would it help if we all closed our browser tab for the forum? I leave mine open for days on end..not sure if that increases load, unless it's constantly refreshing

Thanks for the thought. No need to take any inconvenient measures. The more people, the merrier - we can easily scale up if need be.