Is Sengled Hub needed for their bulbs

I'm looking into getting some Sengled bulbs (a mix of a few color ones and some just white ones these will be the only smart bulbs I have I'm just starting to convert my home into a smart home). I know they work directly with HE so I don't need to get the hub but is there a benefit to getting the Sengled hub? or should I just save the money and not buy their hub?

Nope. The Sengled hub is not needed. The only thing I can think of for a reason to have one would be firmware updates, but I believe HE either supports updating their firmware or will be in the future.

Ok cool thanks :slight_smile: i'll save the money and not get the hub right now then :slight_smile:

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Hubitat does not currently support OTA firmware updates. Staff have indicated in the past that they are open to this possibility but have no timeline (see here, and probably more recent posts I can't find). However, even if Hubitat supported this, there's no guarantee manufacturers would provide the firmware.

The good news is that there's usually no reason to do a firmware update if your device is working fine (and it doesn't fix some critical vulnerability, etc.). This is almost always the case--I probably have lots of devices that could be updated, but I see no reason to on any of them. In fact, I wish I could roll my Zen Thermostat back to an older version (ST updated it and fan mode control hasn't worked reliably remotely since).

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