Is my new hubitat broken?

Hi, I just received and launched my new hubitat elevation, but can’t get it to connect to compatible Zigbee devices.

I have followed all of the documentation including positioning the device (an IKEA outlet) within one meter of the hubitat. I have also factory reset the device over ten times, put it into pairing mode and followed the documentation for that device.

I tried changing the zig bee channel to various other settings but it is stuck on channel 11 and won’t switch to any other channel.

I tried resetting the zigbee radio, but still the same problems.

Could there be a problem with the hub/zigbee radio here (out of the box)?

Any suggestions (help!)?

Contact support. Something does sound wrong about your zigbee radio.

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are you able to connect to the IP:8081 and do a soft reset?

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That worked: thank you!

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