Is My Database Corrupted?

In the middle of putting in a new Button Controller, I realized that I hadn't set it up correctly (a Pico, in the Lutron App). So, I pressed the Remove button, and I got the following error:

Should I do a soft reset?

Don't jump to reset right away. (chastising you a bit) -> You know this :grin: :kiss:
Try rebooting ... then see

I get nervous when get SQL errors, sorta like my first date.... (LOL)


Well, I'm that voice of reason. Reboot, if there is a database error it will fix it tonight during clean up. That error could have been a warning that and actually prevented you from corrupting things. Remember, a good troubleshooter has a bit of patience and can observe before jumping to that conclusion. You'll know tomorrow if you need to reset. What's a day gonna do?


As a network engineer I find this statement very true. The more complex the problem the more patience you need. And heavens for bid it be a "net down" situation with business owner asking you "how long will this take" :laughing:

I tell my guys a fire fighter cannot get (or act) nervous when approaching a blazing building. The bigger the fire, the clearer your head needs to be.


Seems like a thread @gopher.ny would be interested in. I know he’s been making a lot of db improvements.

I don't believe you need a soft reset. The code behind Remove button could be a bit more robust and account for interrupted setup better, that's all. Not sure this will make it to the top of priority list, but I've put in a GitHub issue to keep track.


Thank you!

It's also great to know that there is an organized list (with priorities) of issues that will be dealt with....

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