Is Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge required for dimmers?

Hello, I am very new to Hubitat so please be gentle :slight_smile: I did a search and did not find a definitive answer to this question. If I want to use Lutron Caseta dimmer switches with Hubitat do I also need to buy the Caseta Smart Bridge? I found a thread that said even if the Smart Bridge was not working Hubitat could still control the dimmers but its still not clear if the Smart Bridge is required at all?

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Yes and it needs to be the Pro version not the regular bridge. I just got one with a few dimmers and 8 pico remotes. Love it, well worth the cost of the pro bridge.

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Thank you. As I understand it, the Pro version of the Smart Bridge communicates directly with Hubitat via Telnet while the regular Bridge goes through the cloud? Is that the reason why people here prefer the Pro version?

Correct, Hubitat needs telnet, which in turn sets the requirement as Pro version of the bridge.

btw Lutron telnet is also what allows the Pico remotes to work with Hubitat ... and be used for just about anything at all (it's awesome).

Perhaps they meant if the Lutron cloud is down. The Hubitat and Smart Bridge Pro would probably still work fine locally. But it the Smart Bridge Pro itself went offline, then telnet would be gone, and therefore Hubitat would be unable to use it.

Thank you, last question (I think) does Hubitat work with the non-pro Smart Bridge? I get that it may defeat the purpose of keeping everything on the local network but just wondering. BTW, I've been reading about all the cool things people are doing with the Pico remotes so I will probably get the Pro version but still want to know if the non-pro version is supported.

iirc it doesn't have telnet, so no.

Hubitat doesn’t support the Lutron cloud connection like ST and others do. You need the pro bridge. Only disadvantage is the higher cost. Hubitat can do much more than even Lutro can do with their own bridge. Super fast and never can suffer from a cloud outage.

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I bought a lutron starter kit from Amazon before doing my research and have been searching for how to connect. It looks like my hub is not the Pro version (L-BDG2), but when i connected I added the device to Hubitat it added as Lutron Telnet, does this mean telnet is available or just wishful thinking?

No, that just means it assumed you had a device with telnet. There is no connection as the non-Pro version of the SmartBridge does not have telnet.

Without the Pro version, I don't believe you will be able to turn on Telnet Support in the Lutron app.

Revisiting this thread.

If Lutron cut support for their Caseta line. Are you still able to add light switches to it? Or does that require the internet ?

It requires the internet because the only way to do it is with the Luton mobile app.

However, the chance that Lutron would cut the Caséta line is nil. The company is family owned, private, no bank debt, run by the founder's family, and they would not imagine doing such a thing. Lutron stands behind their products to an extent that is admirable and largely unmatched in US businesses.


I would imagine somebody would come out with something that supported clear connect anyhow? We know wink had it.

licensed from Lutron...

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Curious. Is the licensing available? What kinda of terms and conditioning, and pricing do they offer?

Is it possible Hubitat may one day have it?

No, they're not interested in licensing the radio ect any longer, we tried.


It doesn’t matter to me much as long as they don’t pull the plug. I’d hope they’d offer it if they did.

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