Is it possible to modify the size of the button text in an app

By default the button does not align well with other controls on a page and looks bad.

If I increase the size of the text using an H1 tag I can use an icon and expand the button to two rows and looks much better. However now the button no longer works.

Any ideas?

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I've found that enums just make things in the same "row" not align well. I'm curious if anyone has found any workarounds; I just avoid this setup. Maybe some padding or margin on something that contains the button...

Everything is top aligned. In the past I've tried putting inputs within a table which does not work well as it leaves giant margins.

I've also tried using a [div] or [span] but is seems like the Input might create an automatic closure. Bottom line is I've been unsuccessful.

The best I've found is I can make the text bold and force it to two lines using an [hr].

Doesn't look great though. Looks more like it's waiting for text input.

I wonder if going the "table" route might give you the kind of control you're looking for. It seems you're already aware of this thread (and some related ones), but if not:

Otherwise, I'm not sure how to help here (I like to find ways to work within the confines of the stock UI whenever I can :smiley: ), but maybe someone else can figure something out.

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Thanks for the pointer. I am aware of this use of tables but was hoping for something simpler, some HTML trick. But I can live with what I have, just interesting to see how far the interface can be pushed.