Is It Possible to Get Unsupported Device Status via Google Home?

As I've mentioned elsewhere, I'd really like to be able to get the status of various sensors connected to my Vivint Smart Home panel, however it is unsupported (and I'm guessing unlikely to be added). My Vivint panel is connected to my Google Home and I'm able to see all the sensors from the Google Home app.

I had a (very) quick look at setting up a Google Assistant Relay, but it looks like I can only use that for control, not to get status.

I suspect I'm out of luck, but is there any way to get device status from Google Home this way?


See if there's something in here that will work:

[Alpha] Community-maintained Google Home integration - Developers / Code Share - Hubitat

@paulh2 - Is it possible to link your Vivint Smart Home panel to Amazon Alexa? If so, then you 'might' be able to use 'Alexa Routines' to keep virtual Hubitat sensors/switches up to date. I am assuming you're referring to motion and contact sensors? If so, both of those can be used as 'Triggers' for an Alexa Routine. I use this technique for my Ring Doorbell and it works amazingly well.

The other option that I can think of is using IFTTT, but only if Alexa is not supported. IFTTT is usually much slower than Amazon Alexa.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I'm not sure if the Vivint panel can connect to Alexa, I don't have one, but I'll look into it.

If I'm remembering correctly, you don't need an Alexa device to create an Alexa account .....

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Correct. @paulh2, Just install the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone. You can configure Routines without any Eco devices.

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Thanks, just trying that (Alexa) now. Unfortunately it doesn't look like Vivint is available for Routines (Vivint connects as a Skill, not a Device).

That's unfortunate. I just searched their web page and it appears you have to say 'Alexa, Ask Vivint...' to do something. Not the type of integration we were hoping for, as you stated above. :frowning:

Unfortunately, that app doesn't seem to expose the Vivint devices that Google Home sees.

Yeah, it looks like Alexa is a non-starter I'm afraid.

Unfortunately, Google does not yet allow smart home devices like motion and contact sensors to trigger Google Home Routines. I believe they can only be triggered via voice and/or scheduled time events. I am not really sure why Google does not add this basic functionality, as it has been asked for so many times.

Yes, it looks like every route is blocked. Can't connect Hubitat directly (unless the devs decided to officially apply for access to the API). Can't do it through Google Home or Alexa. Can't do it through IFTTT (they talk about it a lot on the Vivint website, but I can find no way of accessing Vivint from IFTTT).

Maybe its time to start thinking about an alternative alarm monitoring system that is more open to working with other smart home providers...

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