Is it possible to copy tiles from one dashboard to another?

As I'm having to dig back into my dashboards again, I'm wondering if it is possible to copy one tile (for instance my Thermostat tile) from One dashboard where it is configured as I like it, and paste it into another dashboard? for instance copy from my wife's dashboard and paste it into mine?

Yes, but it's not necessarily simple.

On any dashboard there's the gear icon in the upper right and advanced. That exposes all the config json. There's a section: "tiles": [
and within are all the tiles:
"rowSpan": 2,
"template": "attribute",
"col": 12,
"colSpan": 1,
"id": 75,
"row": 13,
"device": "1474",
"templateExtra": "proxyLatencyMS"

You can copy that, but very little of it is transferrable... the row and column is probably not correct for the new dashboard, the device number is probably wrong, and you may have customized the Templates such that you want to find that slice of the config and copy it over too.

I personally have used this extensively in years gone by to adjust the grid and then adjust all the tiles in a text editor. If I doubled the grid, I'd have to double the colspan and rowspan, just to get the tiles to be the same size, but I'd have to adjust the row and column too. If the initial dashboard had 6 columns, and I doubled the grid, then to have the same placement, everything with a column number of 6 would need to change to 12... everything with column 5 would have to become 10, and so on. My text editor was happy to do this sort of bulk editing and my mind was too.

I've also gone in and copied one Dashboard's Template to all the others just to get the customization uniform across all the individual dashboards.


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