Is it possible to change the color temperature setting?

hello. I am using gledopto GL-C-006P(5in 1 mini) as generic zigbee ct (dev).
The led ct strip I have supports 3000-5700k.
However, the driver supports 2020-6329k in State Variables.

If I set 2020k, the actual color temperature is 3000k.
Is there any way to synchronize this?
(How to change State Variables to 3000-5700k?)

Also, when using as an Advanced zigbee ct light bulb driver, the minimum level setting of 5% works well, but changing the setting to 1% does not work. (If the brightness is below 15% in the off state, the light turns on and then turns off immediately.)
Is there any way to use this driver?

The controller you have supports 2000-6500K, which is what is being reported back to the driver I’m assuming (the Advanced driver does a test after hitting configure). It seems like it would be less of a hassle to find an LED strip to match the controller.
Although I don’t see this controller on the list of supported devices.

Sorry, I was late in replying. Thank you for your answer